Around the world in a day

Yesterday, as I worked through various transcription jobs, I was taken from the Norfolk countryside in the 17th century to Shanghai in the 20th, calling at a port where a ship was being loaded with pilchards and tin in the 1500s, making a stop in New England where there was some dispute over land in the 18th century, and resting briefly in a town in the north of England where a lease was being signed for a relatively small property in the 19th century.

Although some of these documents are not rivetting reading (they can be dry and some can be very repetitive), my imagination can carry me to different places and different times.  Sometimes I want to know more, and I spend a little time doing some very basic research, allowing me to fill in the picture my imagination has created.  Sadly I don’t often have time to do more than a very quick internet search to add to my very limited knowledge.  Some of the documents leave me wishing I could spend a long time delving deeper and getting to know that house/person/situation better.

I love the variety that my work brings, and the glimpses into the social history of different people, places and times.  This aspect of the work was mentioned in an article written about my company in volume 27 of the Smith Journal, an Australian publication.  They very kindly sent me a copy of that volume, and I have found it fascinating reading, a well written magazine that I would be happy to recommend.  Perhaps  I’m being a little cheeky, but I’m going to attach a copy of the article they wrote about Transcription Services Ltd and our work.


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